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Lifestyle Client or Off Season

Initial Payment & Subscription

$ 100 / Month

Improve physique, get toned, lose weightand have structure in daily lives.
Clients will receive all their workouts,
meals and supplement list.
Competitors in off season can follow an off season plan for bulking, toning
and building muscle.
Off season competitors will receive workouts, meals and a supplement list as well.
For both plans clients will check in bi-weekly with photos and weight
and weekly weight.

  • Weekly check ins - Bi-weekly photo check ins, training, meal plans, supplement list
Competition Plan


$ 200 / Month

Clients will prepare for bodybuilding competitions in different classes/divisions.
Clients will be provided with meal plan,
training and supplement plans.
Weekly check ins are expected with
photos and weight.
Peak week and Reverse Plan is included.
Some posing by Lisa K will be provided.

  • Weekly check ins, meal and training plans, supplement list, some posing